Monday, 21 September 2009

A wet day 2...

The first challange of the day was to load all the gear back onto the bike. Although we now know that it does not all fit in the panniers, remembering what I put where yesterday was still beyond me, but after a while I got it all sorted and strapped down ready to go.

It was a dull start to the day and rain was forecast, some people put on their waterproofs but some of us braved it out. As we left the 'Route 66 hotel' we got a large cheer from the large group of bikers getting ready to leave themselves. Hopefully it was a cheer of good wishes and not that they were glad to see the back of us!

The first stop of the day was at Springfield where we saw the statue of Abraham Lincoln, had a history lesson from Trey before a group photo taken before setting off again, however, more people put on their water proofs but I still remained optimistic and stayed in my summer riding gear. (despite Steve telling me to!)
Several miles later I felt something on my chin like needles, it was not bugs but rain! Then within another mile or two it came down harder, so the group pulled over whilst the remainder of us forfeit our optimism and put on our water proofs.
However, it wasn't long before I had that wet feeling inside as my water proof over jacket that came with the airtext jacket proved to be no more than shower proof, and a dry shower at that.
Steve has a similar experience to tell; 'Feeling smug in my nice new all in one didn't cut it when the water pooled in the crease where the zip and velcro was. Why does it always leak there? (If you're a biker, you know where it is!)'.

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  1. Hi you all hope the weather clears up it's sunny here in UK around 09:00 am and just off on the bike for a ride. Ask Al how those Harleys feel compered to the Gixer or even the CBF must be strange! Will watch your progress over the week Cheers all Sean R1 (SP2)