Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Deluge on day 3...

Our weather sage (Trey) then reads the clouds, the birds circling in the sky licks his lips and declares that rain is on the way, and we should run for the hotel on the interstate rather than the back roads. True, the skys a little dark but heavy rain???We set off and really start to move like rabbits going for the burrow. Not too long and oh boy does it rain! We stop to don the waterproofs and ride on into valhalla where Thor the God of war sends rain, lightning and thunder the likes that neither of us have ever seen. At times we are down to 20 mph and visibility is 20'. Its so bad that some of us ride past the turn to the hotel.

Graham and Trey try using the bikes as waterjets and the water is coming UP out of the drains and is 8'in places. We later hear on the news that over 3" has fallen in an hour in our area and that flash floods have hit town. Not one of us is dry and even some of us who had clothing inside waterproof bags are peeved to find even thats wet! The Hotels washine machines and driers are pressed into overtime after some instruction and guidance from one of our kind ladies. THANK YOU!

We hope tomorrow is kinder, but we fear that having viewed the forecast, its another day of rain.

After lunch its another run along some of ole 66 with the sun blazing and heat rising whilst we ride along soaking up the miles to the Devils Elbow which is a bit of a landmark on 66 where we stop for photos.

This is Eric, known to the rest of us as 'Gringo', he is our Australian member of the group and he is a roadside attraction in his own right!

Day 3 continued...

Onto the bikes and we're off! Some fantastic roads with good turns sees the group making good progressto Cuba, town of murals where we stop for lunch. The locals are friendly with a few cars and bikerswhooping at us as they go by. The local website for Cuba have even put a bit about us on their site... click here


  1. Now that is some SERIOUS rain!

  2. Biblical rain how stange on one of Al's tours :-)

    PS Hope the weather improves !

  3. It was good talking to you at the Back in the Day Cafe in Cuba MO. I posted photos of you, your bikes, and the murals at the Viva Cuba website: http://cubamomurals.com/wordpress/?p=1106.
    Please come back to Cuba again. I hope you got a group photo at the Guinness World Record Largest Rocking Chair, just west of town.