Monday, 28 September 2009

Day 9

It was a warmer start to the day than expected and we had a lot \of miles to cover and several stops planned.
The heat rose as the morning went on and layers were removed at the lunch time stop. Here was some amazing scenery as we rode throughout the day with an added bonus of riding through the 'Petrified Forest National Park' which again was very scenic inparts.
Today we have gone from the state of Texas to the state of Arizona.


  1. Hi Graham
    Looks like a fabulous trip and your heading into the best of it! Take it easy around Flagstaff and Death Valley - I got done for speeding there in '82, by a lovely cop of the female variety ("only doing 110, Officer"). Ride safe, just like I showed ya! Best wishes to you and the boys from a recession-ravaged UK and a Sheringham in Indian Summer, David Draper.

  2. Glad it's warmed up and no more rain, the "wigwam hotel looks intresting one of Al's more upmarket places then !!!