Saturday, 26 September 2009

Day 7

The next section of ride took us along some dead straight roads that could have been boring without someplaytime. So we played. We took turns at overtaking aqnd going to the front of the ride where Fiona was busy clicking away with the camera. Have a look at the piccies to get an idea of the fun we were having.
Against principals we did stop at McDonalds for coffee and a break where people had a little sustenance to keep them going. One of our number managed a chicken burger in 97 seconds without even appearing to struggle! Guesses anyone???
So, another 50 minute run bought us to our hotel in Albuquerque. Nicely laid out with pool and jacuzzi. This is our stop for a day, with Saturday seeeing us go to the state fair and rodeo. watch this space!!

We got on the old road again and rode until we got to the MidPoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas. This is so named because it is half way between Chicago and Los Angeles with 1139 miles each way. Steve and I had a coffe and two pieces of pie each which were absolutely fantastic, also needed as neither of us got up in time for breakfast! Another piece of pie was considered, but someone gave a warning eye, which intimated we were just being greedy. (We were, but what the hell, they were great pies).
The Disney pixar film cars used a lot of route 66 history, which was woven into the story. Dot's mini museum features her and her husband as a characters both runnning a museum and a car wrecker recovery business when he goes out and collects crashed vehicles on route 66. Also the two waitresses in the midpoint cafe on 'cars' are imortalised and based on true characters working at the cafe!
A look around the gift shop with a few purchases made by most of us before having the group photo taken in front of the MidPoint sign outside.
Hard to believe that we were now halfway through the roadtrip.

Another early start today and Trey said it would remain dry but cold, and boy was he right. I had several layers on but at our first stop I put on the waterproofs just to keep the wind out.Fortunately I didn't have to wait too long as we pulled into Cadillac Ranch.

The Cadillac Ranch has 10 Cadillac cars planted nose first in a field located along the old historic Route 66, just west of Amarillo.

This site has appeared in several movies and visitors are encouraged to take a tin of spray paint along and add their own graffiti, which some of us did!


  1. Hey those roads are soooooooooo straight and long would be ideal for a speed test on the R1 but are there any cops around to clock you. What Mcdonalds !!! tell Al his trips standards are dropping :-)
    Now when you say cold what sort of temps are you gettng?
    Have fun stay safe Sean R1

  2. That road through the petrified forest looks awesome, dirt bike heaven, I'm really envious. Not sure it would bring out the best in the Harleys though!