Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 4 continued...

We also stopped off for a quick look at a Route 66 drive in movie place. Which was then extended with the usual american hospitality, we found the owner coming out and opening the gates for us to take a closer look and tell us about the history of the site and take some more photos. He actually still runs movies 3 nights a week and business has been very good he tells us.

The next stop was 'Carthage' where we stopped for lunch in a real old times Route 66 cafe. It had the front end of a pink Cadilac on the wall and the rear end turned into a seating area by a table. Some great signs etc on the walls really made this an interesting place.Once we had eaten, we went over the the County Courthouse to see their Route 66 museum which proved to be quite interesting.

Day 4 continued...

Well at the end of the days riding here in Joplin, we have no wet gear to dry out tonight! There was only a few drops of the wet stuff from the sky today so nothing to worry about.
It was a relatively low mileage day today but the roads were interesting and we did stop and see some great Route 66 attractions.

The first port of call today was a motorcycle shop just a few miles up the road from our hotel.Some people were after the gel cushions thingy's to put on the seat to make it more comfortable, whilst a lot of us wanted some new waterproofs. Sadly, they had nothing in the way of gel cushions and hardly anything in the way of waterproofs in stock.

Moving on, our next stop was 'Sinclair's Garage' which had been restored to a wonderful condition. The owner, Gary Turner was there and told us about the history of it and let us wander around taking pictures, blowing the horn on the old car out front which some people used to make a ring tone for their mobile phones! Something I saw which was of great interest was an old 'Champion spark plugs' machine for cleaning and testing spark plugs under pressure. We was just leaving when more guys turned up on their motorcyles, quite a popular place it seems and I can see why.

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