Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 3...

Its a cloudy day, low mist envelops the arch, but we gamely head out for a look. What a fantastic piece of engineering, but undaunted Staffy, Graham and Steve are the first to take a 'pod' to the top. It reminds us of a scene from a Jane Fonda film, Barbarella. At the top the mist lets us see over 600 feet to the bottom and about 2 blocks out. Never mind a few postcards and we're off, only to find that as we get to the bottom, the mist clears and visibility is superb. Bummer!

The arch was built in the 60's out of stainless steel and looks as if it were built last year. The last bit at the very top was put in by the gap being seperated by hydraulic rams, and the 6' section being dropped in.

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