Monday, 21 September 2009

Day 2 continued...

Plenty of old sights to see along the way, from old vehicle sales to old garages where we stopped for a photo shoot.
Lunch was had at great little diner called Ariston Cafe, where the buffet was awesome. Steve and Alistair had a little battle over who would/could eat the most desserts.........Steve won! - although a mole in the camp claims Trey beat Steve. Any witnesses??
The discussion on the 72oz steak challenge was raised again and we are still looking for anyone who fancies their chances. Graham is a popular choice but as the challenge involves eating fries with it, this will probably exclude Graham on the grounds that they are veg and he's already eaten his five a month portions. Watch this space.

Ever onwards and a trip to see the chain rocks bridge where we were able to cross the state line fron Illinois to Missouri, so we are now one state further away from our starting point.
A brisk ride through the suburbs got us to the Hampton hotel at St Louis via a fuel stop where most of us seemed to wrestle with getting the fuel to pump. Some people opting to pay inside first others paying at the pump with credit cards. The whole process can speed up if a few bikes fill up on one card and then pay the card holder in cash.

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