Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day 11

Thanks to Cliff for the above photos of the Grand Canyon.

Today is another rest day so I took advantage and had a layin. We then had the hotel buffet breakfast before leisurly getting ready to take part in Trey's ride to the Camerons trading post about 60 miles away around the canyon ridge.
The ride took us through the Canyon Park which was good, some lovely sweeping bends and beautiful vistas really added to the chilled day we were having.
The warm air was encouraging the pines to release their scent, so the ride was very relaxed and without stress. A bit like a Radox bath on wheels.

At the trading post I bought Karen yet another gift, I don't know, it must be the heat getting to me, or the fact that I appreciate her understanding my need to feel the road beneath my wheels and letting me away on another motorcycle jaunt.

The winds that were forecast had come and went up to about 50 mph which made the ride back rather
interesting. Steve was having fun on the fatboy, because it had solid wheels and the wind was steering the bike! There were a few times when we were down to about 35mph in the open.
Things improved when we got to the forested parts, and we had a lively ride back in places where footpegs were profiled once or twice.
We stopped off at a few view points on the way back to get some more photos of the Grand Canyon, then back to the hotel and straight to the bar to wash down the dust that was blown up by the strong winds.

It was happy hour, so we made the most of what was left, and then just on the button, in walked our weather guru, Trey. The barman immediatly said, "hi there again, welcome back" Oops, cover blown.

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