Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day 10

Trey enjoying the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

We rock up to the hotel to find the other MCi tour group is here, and we book in at 4 pm, with our weather guru, part time historian, rear gunner/road captain and all round good geezer and interpreter Trey, taking those who want to see the sunset over the rim at 5 pm.

A fill up with water, and its about 100 miles to the Grand canyon through some good roads, where we see the boys playing. At some point during the ride one of the HD's decides to shed its heel gear change lever.
Anybody found one?

Back on the bikes and it was a hot ride over to the meteor crater.
This thing is big! but its not the biggest. This one is the most intact and preserved due to the little rain they have. (6"-12" pa) It has a rim of two and a half miles and a depth of 550 feet! It's only 50,000 years old, so by crater standards that's young we're told.
Most of us had the little walk along the trail to see a bit more, but the pictures here just cannot convey the huge size of it all.

We've just arrived at our hotel in the Grand Canyon after a short ride in terms of mileage, but via some interesting spots.

First call of the day was just a couple of miles from our hotel in Winslow, to the corner made famous by the group 'The Eagles' in 'Take it Easy'. Here is a mural on the wall that embodies key lines from the song. The statue stands on the corner, whilst overlooking him is the "girl my lord in a flatbed Ford" and above that one of the woman with him, in a window. A dream or wish?

A visit to the shops on that very corner, saw us buying trinkets and T shirts.

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