Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day 1 - Route 66 here we come...

After breakfast we finished packing our bags and checked out of our room ready for Alastair
to take us to collect our bikes for the trip.
As we arrived at Eagle Rider, we could see all the bikes lined up outside, a fine site that
was. We went inside to sign the papers etc. then one of the Eagle Rider chaps took each of
us to our bikes and went through all the controls etc, before checking round the bike for
previous damage that was noted so that we don't get accused of that when we return the bikes
at LA.
As he handed me the keys to my Low Rider a sense of excitement came over me, this trip of a
life time was about to start. However, a few minutes later and the excitement was replaced
by worry, as I soon realised that the two leather panniers that were on the bike were no
where near large enough to take all the gear I had brought with me. OK, plan B, will have to
tie something to the bike. They do kindly do provide a luggage rack on the bikes, just big enough for a sandwich box!
So my large yellow bag that I thought I would be empting the contents of into my panniers
was now going to have the majority of my clothes in strapped to the rear seat & luggage
rack. With a few bungie cords and a cargo net the bag was tied down and everything ready to
Time ticks by as nearly everyone faces the same problem of cramming their luggage onto the
bikes. Finally when everyone is done, we have a group photo, then climbed on our bikes and
the guys at Eagle Rider hold up the traffic while our 18 bikes with 21 people aboard, turn left and start our 2500 mile journey heading to the west coast.

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