Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day 1 continued...

Steve and I start near the back of the pack getting the feel for our bikes, happy to just
sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. It wasn't long before a few of us the back were
separated from the main group by a railroad crossing. Boy, oh boy are the freight trains
long here, by the time it had passed and we got going again the others were well out of
sight. Trey, our American guide who was riding as the tailman takes over the lead oand
guides us to the lunch stop at the historic cafe, 'The Launching Pad' where a large fibre
glass figure of the 'Gemini Giant' stands outside. After something to eat and drink we all
set off as one group again.
The next few hours take us on and off the original Route 66 seeing various original
attractions along the way. As Steve and I get more familiar with our bikes, the pace picks
up and riders start to string out with the faster riders moving towards the front. At another stop, where this time we see another large fibre glass figure called,'Bunyon's
Statue' we realize that the pack is divided again. Apparently, a few riders never came off
the interstate and rode on past with Trey at the rear ready to guide them back on the right
Eventually we all meet up again at our end point of the day, 'The Route 66 Hotel' where we
will be staying the night.

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