Friday, 18 September 2009

As I sit on the bed typing this, I find it hard to believe that our first day here has been one so full of doing things. We set off this morning after breakfast of crispy card that the Americans call bacon, (tastes ok though) plus the usual toast & eggs etc.

A drive in the van that Alastair had hired took us to the Harley Davidson museum where all of us had a great time checking out HD's past and present plus a few iconic ones like those used in the film 'Easy Rider', and the Evel Knievil ones. This was followed by a visit to the museum shop where wallets were lightened of their load after a few trinkets purchased.

A trip into Chicago town to find the start and end of Route 66 ended up with a visit to the Sears Tower (now owned by the British Group Wallis and renamed the Wallis Tower) where we experienced walking out of the 103rd floor onto a glass platfrom overthe city! cool, scary and fun!
Unfortunatly, we didnt keep an eye on the time and collected a ticket for a parking violation!
The trip back to the hotel was a bit of a rollercoaster ride, and Steve ended up a bit travel sick and declined to join the group for dinner!
A big thank you to Alastair & Fiona for taking the time to show us these great sites today which was not part of the planned tour.

Check out the photos for an insight into the days events.

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  1. Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the US. I hope you have a great trip! Not that you don't have a trip planned but head south to New Orleans.